Steps To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 And To Add CyanogenMod

Below you can find the steps to root Samsung Galaxy S5!

  1. Download the right MicroSD image for your card and then use the Image Writer for Windows to write the downloaded image to your card.
  2. To start writing, just hit the Write button. Bear in mind that it can actually take a while to have this process completed especially if the card has larger capacity such as if you have an 8GB card it can probably take around 20 minutes.
  3. If you are prompted to confirm your action or to continue the Galaxy S5 root, just click on the Yes button.
  4. Duplicate the downloaded ROM to your MicroSD card’s root and this means that for instance, if the drive that you use for the card is L:\ then the ROM should not be in an L:\Folder but in an L:\.
  5. The next thing to do is to simply download the latest Google Apps zip file and it should be the one that has “” format.
  6. Once downloaded you may place the file altogether with the CyanogenMod ROM in the root of the card.
  7. Power your Samsung Galaxy S5 on and you will see the ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  8. Take a look at the four Samsung Galaxy S5 buttons on your unit which you can use to perform tasks in the ClockworkMod Recovery. You can see the enter button in a horse-shaped form and you can navigate through the volume up and down buttons. You can also go back to the menus through the power button.
  9. Among the selection of options just choose wipe/data factory reset and then hit the n button. Confirm your action by scrolling down to Yes – delete all user data and then hit on the n button again.
  10. You may the scroll down to wipe cache partition in order to highlight it and then press the n button again.
  11. Go to the option that says install zip from the sdcard and then press n again.
  12. You select choose zip from sdcard and then press on the n button again.
  13. Select the downloaded Cyanogen file, press n and then confirm your action. Repeat step 12 and then install the Google Apps zip file.
  14. Once the installation is complete, unmounts your SD card, press the n button and restart the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Find out more about a software program that allows you to perform the lengthy process above in just one click!

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6: What Does It Mean?

With new technologies and new devices, many new expressions entered everyday speaking, or some old words get a new meaning. One of those words is rooting. So, when young people start to talk about rooting, they probably don´t talk about gardening. They are talking about mobile phones and other devices with Android operating systems.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 root is a process that will allow people who use devices operated by an Android operating system to get a privileged control (or root access – that is where expression comes from) inside Android sub-systems. Basically, sometimes device producers and carriers put some limitations to their devices. In those cases, rooting will give an opportunity to use some apps that require high level permissions, change various system applications and settings, or do some other operations you couldn´t do if you don´t perform it on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You can also remove the existing operating system and replace it with the latest version.

There are some comparison between rooting and jailbreaking, but they are mostly not sustainable. Jailbreaking is performed on iOS devices mostly to overcome Apple´s limitations to users, such as installing unapproved apps. On the other hand, rooting the S6 allows all users to do things that are usually not allowed in a regular configuration.

It gives users an opportunity to perform advanced and dangerous operations such as modifying and deleting different system files, removing carrier protection and so on. There is usually no need to root if you want to get apps from sources other than a Google Play Store, since most devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6 allow it.

How To Root LG G3 5.0 Lollipop Using The Batch Script

For this country available LG G3 has been around for a few days a new firmware with Android 5.0 Lollipop on board, but of course there may also find the problem after the major update to restore the root access, the use of many users now almost out of principle want. Now there are at least a first option to install Lollipop with root access, which is not only explained at the XDA, but provided with all necessary downloads also. A little idea but you should have from the matter, not the short term to transform your device into a paperweight.
Android 5.0 arrives soon officially with us

The latest version of Android will be distributed starting this week for users in Poland, in a few days or weeks should the wireless update arrive even with the owners of the LG G3 in Germany. If that is the case, you will always be notified as a single item from us.

Owner of the LG G3 know Yes certainly the problem, if you want to gain root privileges that went far only by downgrade to Android KitKat.

Now there is also a semi-automatic version, how can 5.0 Lollipop rooten the G3 via batch script with Android.

How this works I write to you in a small manual.

-Install the LG driver, if not already done
-Download the scrip down and extract it to any folder. (Double click on .exe)
-Enable USB debugging on the G3 in the Developer Options
-Connect the G3 with the PC
-To start Make a double click on the LG Root Script.bat the script
-Follow the instructions
-Should not react the G3, so even changing the USB connection of MTP and PTP
-If an “msvcr100.dll is missing” error, you install the Visual C ++ Redistributable

Stump Root Further Explained (For LG G3)

The LG G3 you root thanks to the App Stump Root with just one click. Then you need but still the best apps to use the root access properly and safely manage can.

Stump Root is an exploit for the LG G3, which exploits a vulnerability in the system to unlock the root access. The app is not in the Play Store, find the APK file but in our download area. How install Android apps outside the store, check out this workshop.

LG G3: Unlocking has never been easier

Open the app, tap “Grind” and wait until you smartphone Learn all about the new HUAWEI products! prompting you to restart. After the reboot, check with an app like Root Checker whether the operation was successful. To safely manage the rooted phones, you also need an app like SuperSU

According to developers, the app with the international version of the G3 should be compatible – on our review unit did not work to unlock my Stump Root however. Even the included tool brute force method which searches the system for another gap failed.

If Stump Root is not successful even with you, you can test the alternative Towelroot that just simply works.

Tip: Stump Root unlocked not only the LG G3, but also many other LG models (2012 to 2014).

Note: The rooting the smartphone at your own risk. Before you unlock the LG G3, you should our article “Android rooten: Advantages and Disadvantages” Read, in which we clarify various questions to the guarantee and warranty. Set against a root process to backup your data. (Man)

How To Root 4.4 and 5.0 On LG G3 (and others)

root access for their device, although they use a device with Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.0 Lollipop. With a root toolkit obtaining system access quickly goes out of hand – in a few steps, the two above and other LG smartphones are equipped with Root.

LG G3, G2 and other LG devices: get root access – how it works

Then as now, the rooting of its Android device is a great way to get more out of the Android system. For instance, several root apps can run, also system files can be modified. In this guide, we help owners of LG G3, G2 and other LG smartphones to root.

Attention! For damage to equipment by following this guide, we assume no liability. under certain circumstances will void the warranty by raising the flash counter. Likewise, you may lose on the phone through this process the data.

LG G3, G2 and other devices rooten – Compatible smartphones

-LG G2
-LG G3
-LG G Pro 2
-LG L90
-LG F60
-LG Tribute

Root for LG G2, G3 and other LG devices – unnecessary files:

-LG root archive (download wait starts automatically. Do not click on the download button.)
-(Select appropriate device from the list) LG driver

LG devices (G3, G2 & Co.) rooten – step-by-step

For rooting, we recommend a Windows PC and the original USB cable of LG to use. Then perform the following steps.

-Installing LG driver
-Unlock developer options: tap Settings ⇒ About phone ⇒ five times on the build number
-In the settings in the now released Developer Options switch and enable USB debugging
-unpack LG root archive at any location
-LG device via a USB cable (most the original cable) by using the connect computers – have turned
-When unpacked LG root archive LG Root Script.bat Open
-Possibly confirm fingerprint search on the smartphone
-Follow the instructions in the command prompt.
-If error message “msvcr100.dll missing” appears, download and install Visual C ++ here

How To Root LG G3 Using The One-Click Solution

The root access for smartphones opens up many new possibilities for personalizing the smartphone. Even owners of LG G3 or G2 must not forego the advantages of a rooted device. We show you in a step-by-step instruction on how to make her your LG smartphone fit for root apps.

Individual processor management, ad blocker, Internet firewall and many other settings. That provides root access. Whether on an alternative operating system (custom-ROM) or several root apps – can do a lot with the full write access to the smartphone. This guide shows you how the LG G3 Rooting works under Android 4.x.x and 5.x.x for the following devices:

LG G3 (all variants)
LG G3 Beat
LG G Pro 2
LG F60
LG L90
LG Tribute

Step 1 – Preparations

Normally, it is feared negative by this operation nothing. To hedge nevertheless recommends a backup of your data. You need a current Windows operating system as well as your USB connection cable for your smartphone. To guarantee a smooth process, the current driver of your device must be installed in any case. If this is not the case, please download the driver for your device down here and install them. In addition, you need the LG root script. The self-extracting archive opens it by double-clicking and then selects an optional path.

Step 2 – “USB debugging”

Before you start you must still activate “Developer options” and enable “USB debugging”. Here you navigated initially via “Settings”> “About phone” and typed there a few times on the item entitled “Build number” until the message “You are now a developer!” appears. Navigates a step back, opens the developer options and sets a hook to USB Debugguing.

Step 3 – root access up

now connects the switched smartphone via USB cable and open the unzipped folder. Double-click on the “LG Root Script.bat” file, the process is started. Following the conclusion of the installation instructions that appear. If the error message “msvcr100.dll is missing” appear, you may have Visual C ++ redistributable download and install (64-bit / 32-bit).

During setup, the phone starts several times automatically. Once the app superuser should be on your smartphone. Whether all goes well, you can check “Checker root” with the free app.

This guide is based on a manual, which was published in the XDA-Developers. We assume no liability for data loss or any damage to your device. On a related note, that as part of the installation root access, warranty or guarantee may be void under certain circumstances.

How To Root Any LG G3 Using Stump Root

Want rooting the LG G3, there is now an easy method, with one push of a button it is possible. The Stump Root method makes this possible as Android app is now available for download.
Root LG G3

The rooting of the device has always been possible with Android devices, this way you get administrator rights on your phone and be there to perform other applications. Thus for example can be a full backup for example. Often rooting a device is not very simple, but tools like Towelroot (not for LG G3) make this easier with a single button press. Also for the LG G3 is now a root method made available at the touch of button, Stump Root.
Stump Root

Stump Root can, in their own words, rooting all LG G3’s, including those linked to provider. At this time, this method works, but it can be optionally piece made in a subsequent software update. The process is quite simple:

– Download the APK from the famous thread on XDA.

– Start the app

– Do not you want to be fond of music: put your phone softer

– Touch Grind ‘

– If all goes well, your device restarts

– After the reboot, download and install SuperSU from the Play Store

How To Root LG G3 In 5 Simple Steps

The LG G3 is the flagship of LG, which was presented at the end of May this year. The phone, as we have come to expect from LG, has all the comforts such as Knock Code, a super sharp 5.5-inch screen and a super-fast Snapdragon 801 processor at 2.5GHz. In the following guide, we explain how you can rooting the LG G3 with both a computer that runs on Windows and OS X from Apple.

This guide works only for the LG G3 Android 4.4.4 or lower. A guide follows for Android Lollipop as soon as this is available on a custom recovery.


1) A PC running Windows or OS X.
2) A USB cable.
3) LG G3.
4) Purple Drake – Download Here.

The LG G3 rooting

1) Disconnect the device via the USB cable to your computer and go to the notification bar. Press this USB connection and select PTP (ADB mode).

2) Extract the previously downloaded file to your desktop.

3) Enter the purpledrake_windows file if you have the Windows operating system. If you use OS X (Apple)? not a problem then you should run the file purpledrake_osx.

4) The application now takes you through the root process.

5) Download once Purple Drake is ready SuperSU from the Play Store and install it.

You now have your LG G3 successfully rooted. To check whether it really is successful, you can download the app Root Checker from Play Store, allows you to check the root status. Share your experience with this guide with us and fellow users through a comment below. We love to hear your feedback. Please if you do not quite come out contact us via or leave a comment below.