Catamaran - A Luxury Floating Vessel

Catamaran – A Luxury Floating Vessel

Have you been dreaming about holiday on water for a long time? Maybe you don’t realize it, but your dream can become a reality – all you have to do is book a yacht and soon set sail for your dream cruise! If you are just starting your sailing adventure and you want to feel safe and comfortable on the water, decide to book a luxury catamaran.

Catamaran charter is an ideal opportunity for a holiday for both older and younger members of the crew. This type of yachts guarantees greater safety, it also provides wide space and excellent conditions for summer rest.

The perfect solution to start with 

If you are still a beginner sailor and do not feel confident on the water, the catamaran will provide you with a greater sense of security and stability compared to single-hull sailing yachts. Its slope is smaller, which additionally allows easier steering, which does not require as much effort as for boats with one hull.

A way to enjoy your vacation with children

The catamaran is ideally suited to the needs of families with children, because the most common system is two cabins and a bathroom in each of the two hulls. This arrangement creates perfect conditions for relax for two families, because each of them receives its own part exclusively. In the cockpit there is a living room with a kitchen, which is a common part of the yacht designed for meals and evening feasts with sailing songs in the …

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