Jandia on the Island of Fuerteventura Travel Guide

Jandia on the Island of Fuerteventura Travel Guide

Separated from the rest of the island, The Jandia peninsula is located in the south of Fuerteventura and is easily reached via a major motorway. The peninsula is a nature reserve and is renowned for having the best beaches on the island. The nature reserve is home to protected wildlife and plants and is surrounded by white rolling dunes and stunning lagoons. This beautiful area of Fuerteventura is a firm favorite with honeymooners, couples and families looking for quiet and relaxing holidays amidst stunning scenery.

The island of Fuerteventura has over 125 miles of golden sandy beaches. Jandia offers over 12 miles of coastline with beautiful white sandy beaches which in some places are over half a mile wide. There are smaller less accessible secluded beaches along the coastline but these can only be reached by jeep or 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Developed into a Popular Tourist Destinations

Home to the resorts of Costa Calma and Morro Jable, Jandia has developed into a popular tourist destination with large hotels catering for all types of visitor. Spread along the coast on the Playa de Sotavento, Costa Calma is very popular with German tourists and has a beautiful beach where the sand gently shelves into the Atlantic. The swimming conditions here are perfect. Just south of Costa

Calma is the resort of Morro Jable

Once a small fishing village the resort is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers looking for last-minute holiday deals to Fuerteventura. With all types of accommodation from luxury hotels …

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Catamaran - A Luxury Floating Vessel

Catamaran – A Luxury Floating Vessel

Have you been dreaming about holiday on water for a long time? Maybe you don’t realize it, but your dream can become a reality – all you have to do is book a yacht and soon set sail for your dream cruise! If you are just starting your sailing adventure and you want to feel safe and comfortable on the water, decide to book a luxury catamaran.

Catamaran charter is an ideal opportunity for a holiday for both older and younger members of the crew. This type of yachts guarantees greater safety, it also provides wide space and excellent conditions for summer rest.

The perfect solution to start with 

If you are still a beginner sailor and do not feel confident on the water, the catamaran will provide you with a greater sense of security and stability compared to single-hull sailing yachts. Its slope is smaller, which additionally allows easier steering, which does not require as much effort as for boats with one hull.

A way to enjoy your vacation with children

The catamaran is ideally suited to the needs of families with children, because the most common system is two cabins and a bathroom in each of the two hulls. This arrangement creates perfect conditions for relax for two families, because each of them receives its own part exclusively. In the cockpit there is a living room with a kitchen, which is a common part of the yacht designed for meals and evening feasts with sailing songs in the …

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The Best Way to Book a Hotel

The Best Way to Book a Hotel

If you anticipate traveling to a destination country or within your country for adventure, there are two typical ways to book a hotel room for accommodation. One and the most abundant way is to book your accommodation through booking sites. They might have enticing deals to lure you into their conversion with their charming and persuasive language, but you will get what they preach and no more and no less. When you first visit their websites, you will meet with top customer care representatives who will guide you if you need assistance placing your orders. It is the best, fast, easy and convenient way to book hotel rooms abroad or within the comfort of your sofa. You still have the advantage to review and evaluate the credibility and compare prices of several booking sites, a nice place you can to see trusted reviews from previous happy customers is by visiting Travel Talk Tours to affirm a booking site credibility and trustworthiness and most important the best deals.  

There are times when you need to book hotel room accommodations directly from the hotel’s website or the traditional way of paying a prior visit to the hotel, or waiting until your travel date, and then do the booking on arrival. Hotels just like their cousin airlines, keep the best rates under the hood for their own. Booking directly from them through their websites or physically booking a hotel room from the reception stands you a chance to get the best deals plus …

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Japan Travel Guide For Women Travellers

Japan Travel Guide For Women Travellers

One of the most exciting facts about Japan is that it’s a very safe country. Crimes against tourists are very rare, and there are no dangerous areas to avoid. The nice part of it is that personal belongings accidentally left behind, are usually turned over to local policemen or subway station attendants.

Talking about the Tokyo subway reminds me to tell you that it’s one of the most pleasant, clean, and good smelling subway systems in the world. It’s a very pleasant experience to use it, that is as long as you don’t try to board it during Rush hour, which is crazy in Tokyo.

When is rush hour?

Same as any other big city in the world – mornings and early evenings when everybody is trying to get to or from work. Did you know that most Tokyo population travels more than an hour each morning to get to work? That’s the reason each subway station has a jingle of its own – in case someone doses off to sleep…

There is no Rough Area in Tokyo

If you accidentally take the wrong train, there is no reason to panic – there is no ‘rough’ area in Tokyo. Because of that – you always need to practice some kind of common sense. The red light district in Shinjuku after dark was reportedly problematic. But besides that, you can safely investigate every corner of Tokyo.

No Health Problems

There are no special health problems in Japan. No immunizations or special …

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