Japan Travel Guide For Women Travellers

Japan Travel Guide For Women Travellers

One of the most exciting facts about Japan is that it’s a very safe country. Crimes against tourists are very rare, and there are no dangerous areas to avoid. The nice part of it is that personal belongings accidentally left behind, are usually turned over to local policemen or subway station attendants.

Talking about the Tokyo subway reminds me to tell you that it’s one of the most pleasant, clean, and good smelling subway systems in the world. It’s a very pleasant experience to use it, that is as long as you don’t try to board it during Rush hour, which is crazy in Tokyo.

When is rush hour?

Same as any other big city in the world – mornings and early evenings when everybody is trying to get to or from work. Did you know that most Tokyo population travels more than an hour each morning to get to work? That’s the reason each subway station has a jingle of its own – in case someone doses off to sleep…

There is no Rough Area in Tokyo

If you accidentally take the wrong train, there is no reason to panic – there is no ‘rough’ area in Tokyo. Because of that – you always need to practice some kind of common sense. The red light district in Shinjuku after dark was reportedly problematic. But besides that, you can safely investigate every corner of Tokyo.

No Health Problems

There are no special health problems in Japan. No immunizations or special drugs are needed. Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world, so you can enjoy food in Tokyo everywhere. Water from the tap is also good enough to drink.

No Problem with Language

I know some people are concerned about Language. I can assure you there’s no problem to get along in Tokyo Restaurants by pointing to the plastic food models presented in the Restaurant window. If you’re lost and need directions, try asking the younger generation which speaks better English. Locals are very helpful to you when you ask for information. They will probably lead you to your wanted destination (easier than explaining it in English…). The neighborhood police station’s job is to help to find a specific address, so don’t be shy to ask. In short – Women visiting the city generally feel very safe. Traveling by yourself is very pleasant. I hope you enjoy your Japan Travel!!