Vancouver’s Best Pizza Eats

Vancouver’s Best Pizza Eats

Getting a travel authorization for Kanada is now easy thanks to ETA Kanada. Now you can visit the country’s famous spots, and while you’re on it, you might as well try Vancouver’s best pizzas. Here are the top pizzerias that can help you with your cravings while enjoying your travel in Kanada.

How to Apply for Kanada eTA

Before we head out to the best pizzas in Vancouver, let us take a look on how to apply for a travel authorization. With eTA, applying is now a breeze. The process is simple, and it’ll only take a few minutes to complete. You will receive an email regarding your application within minutes or several days.

If you are planning to fly to Kanada, it is best that you obtain the eTA before booking a flight. Remember that you will need your passport, credit or debit card and an email address to complete the form. There are also some questions that you’ll need to answer.

Now that we have a few information on applying for the eTA let us now head to the best part. I have listed some of the best pizzerias in Vancouver that you can try and taste for yourself.

Via Tevere

The restaurant embraces the method of Neopolitan pizza-making. Via Tevere’s selection of perfectly charred pizza which boasts a wonderfully tender center and a crisp crust. It features vibrant meats and quality vegetables, aside from that they also Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) and Prosciutto e Funghi (prosciutto and mushrooms).

Via Tevere offers a vera pizza experience on a regular basis, you can also stop by their food truck and grab a bite.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

The Nicli Antica Pizzeria was the first certified Verace Napoletana pizza served in Vancouver. The place has a modern vibe. What’s so good with this pizzeria is the authenticity of their pies that they arrive at your table uncut, so it will not compromise the soft center and toppings.

Nicli’s pizzas are handmade and baked in a wood-fired oven, presented with a perfectly charred crust and topped with the freshest and high-grade local ingredients.

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

If you are looking for a classic pizza with a Turkish twist, then Uncle Fatih’s pizza is the best choice for you. Uncle Fatih’s Pizza is going strong now for over a decade and offers their customers an option to customize their pizza if they can’t decide which flavors to choose. Aside from that, the staff at Uncle Fatih’s are friendly and accommodating.

Pizzeria Farina

If you are looking for a cozy pizza joint on Main Street, then you can visit Pizzeria Farina. The place offers some great pizzas from 5 PM until all the dough runs out, which happens every time. You can enjoy their thin bases, delicious toppings, and chewy yet crispy crust in a casual, neighborhood-style setting. Pizzeria Farina is perfect for a quick sit down meal best enjoyed with their pizza.

Bella Gelateria

Though best known for their award-winning gelato, Bella Gelateria also offers a range of mouthwatering, Neopolitan-style pizza. Bringing together modest and fresh ingredients which they use to create those tasty handmade pies that you can enjoy in-house or to-go. The place has that formal and elegant feel which is good for a romantic dinner or a chat with your loved ones and friends.

Campagnolo Roma

With its rustic Italian cuisine, Campagnolo Roma creates what’s fresh and good at the market. The restaurant offers their diners a short and approachable pizza menu. Campagnolo Roma does not overload their pizza with cheese and toppings instead they create thin based pizza, which comprises of simple flavor combos. Their Margherita is hard to beat.

Steveston Pizza

It is probably the home of the most expensive pizzas in Vancouver, but the price is worth it. Steveston Pizza is a must try because of their epic pizzas loaded with seafood. The place offers gourmet, huge portions and they are very generous with their toppings.

The place has a cozy atmosphere, and the unusual choices that you can get for your toppings offer a unique and fun experience for you to experiment.

Bon Appetit

They say that when you travel, you must not also forget to taste the food. Kanada does not only offer you wondrous sights but also great food. Enjoy the best out of your travel and head out to these great pizzerias in Vancouver. Visit and start planning out your trip and don’t miss out on these pizzas!