Petchaburi Tours – Practical Guide to Tourists in Thailand

Petchaburi Tours - Practical Guide to Tourists in Thailand

Because of its exotic culture and beautiful scenery, Thailand has become a magnetic tourist destination for tourists who are looking for a unique and unique vacation. You can choose to relax on the beaches of Phuket, or immerse yourself in the life of Bangkok. But if you feel you’ve seen everything, then wait until you arrive at Petchaburi. This place offers a new and refreshing view of Thailand that you will enjoy. And to maximize it, you must register for Petchaburi tours.

For those who don’t know, Petchaburi is located only about 150 kilometers south of Bangkok and is considered a central area. The city is also known as the City of the Three Palaces because it was once a royal fortress town. Here, tourists can visit beautiful buildings such as Phrarajnivesmarugadayawan, Phraramrajanivet, and Phranakhonkhiri. After seeing all that, there are more temples, caves and beaches in this area to explore.

Because historical tour packages are quite popular in Petchaburi, many cultural and historical fans go there. So if you are one of them, this is perfect for you. The great thing about this tour is that they usually have land transfer arrangements. You can be picked up from your hotel in Cha-Am or Hua Hin and taken to Petchaburi in an air-conditioned private vehicle.

One of the places you must visit in Petchaburi is the Wat Maha Dhat temple. Located near the river, it is said to be home to several Buddhist relics. It is believed that this temple dates from the 12th century and contains paintings depicting the life of the Buddha. In fact, praise to Buddhist monks for being able to maintain an important piece of history.

Why don’t you also stop by Khao Wang or Palace Hill, the famous summer vacation of King Rama IV? To get there, you have to travel by cable car. In the middle of the road, you can see a building that combines Chinese and Western architectural styles. You can also see the whole city well.

The tour is often incomplete without stopping by Khao Luang Cave. Here, the main flower is a large statue of Buddha, rising about 80 meters from the ground and housed in a limestone cave. Many images, totaling nearly 170, were built by Raja Mongkut who often used caves and temples for meditation and study.

Among the many packages offered by Petchaburi tours are also food tours from the city’s daily market. You will see authentic Thai ingredients, sample sumptuous dishes, and also exotic fruits that you can bring while wandering the streets of this city.

More than this, there are also tours for bird lovers because Thailand is a paradise for exotic species. It’s fun to find exotic Thai birds like Common Pintail Snipe, Greater Painted Snipe, Red Necked Stint and many more. Usually, they can be seen in their saltwater homes or even along the coast of the Petchaburi area. Thinking of going to amazing Thailand? Be sure to catch one of the Petchaburi tours to complete your trip.