Dream-Vacation Canada

There is no higher joy and excitement and thrill of adventure than travelling with a person you love. Contact it a great escapade, an astounding hide away, a romantic sojourn to locations I knew only in books, movies and maps, nevertheless it was a vacation I will don’t forget for a lifetime.

That’s how it was inside the Philippine summer of 2011, when John and I took the lengthy trip from the Philippines to North America. The long and seemingly endless hours around the plane—with three connecting international flights was by no means a bother to us. We enjoyed every single moment on the plane as well because the waiting time for every transfer, the purchasing for tiny souvenirs inside the airports also because the quick coffee or soda we had to grab in amongst. The excitement to visit a nation that I had dreamed of all my life was an excessive amount of also include. I was counting miles in lieu of counting sheep to become in a position to grab some sleep.

Then, at last, on a snowy cold evening, the flag carrier, Air Canada, glided smoothly in Trudeau International Airport, Montreal, Canada. From there, it took us 5 hours drive, below heavy snowfall, with the highways hardly visible in the night, to attain the house where I’d stay for the dream-vacation of my lifeThis long drive marked beginning with the tour to quite a few scenic and great locations in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Whether inside the countryside or in lengthy well-kept highways that stretch on hills and valleys or the winding roads on mountain trails, just about every trip and each view in the hilltop or from the fabulous cities and humble towns beneath, have been just as well wonderful for words.

I have skilled the wonder of all 4 seasons from the time I set foot on Canadian soil in Spring when nature was bursting inside a wild kaleidoscope of colors. In the scorching heat of the summer season sun, I delighted in cruises within the fantastic St. Lawrence River, went kayaking and fishing inside the lakes. Within the Gaspe Area, I stood in awe at the majestic rock formation with the Perce, that seemed to have risen mysteriously in the depths of your sea; feasted on succulent lobsters and had much fun whale-watching inside the afternoons. Cool summer time nights mean dinners in the Buffet les Continents or St. Hubert’s. Weekends are for camping on numerous sites by the lake or any scenic spot. The knowledge of placing up our tent, cook-outs, and sleeping beneath the stars is simply unforgettable.

Nevertheless it was the season of Autumn that truly swept my heart away. The riotous colors of orange, red, yellow and pink ignited my passion for writing and photography. I’d stand breathless and speechless. I mumbled to myself: This really is the grandeur of God’s Creation! We drove as far because the road can take us for the magnificent Niagara Falls and watched its fury roaring on each Canadian and American boundaries. We lodged in nice hotels for the evening and went further to Vancouver and Calgary for the final breath of Autumn plus the start off of the winter holidays.

Winter was a freezing season but I had prepared for this with my thick winter coats for temperatures below zero and adverse 30 degrees C. I had painstakingly carved my initial Snowman and battled snow simply to hang Christmas lights on my porch and on the small hedges by the front gate. I had joined a hunting party to hunt for moose but had to leave immediately after the very first shot that broke the cathedral-like silence with the woods. Seeing the poor moose fall was also heart breaking. I’d have yelled to warn the moose to run for his life! But it was winter. It was time for hunting. But winter also signifies Christmas. And in that nation, the season brought new meanings in my life. It really is the warmth and love of home, of being cozy by the fireside, to watch the quiet glittering tiny lights of my six-foot Christmas tree even though the strains of soft music lulled me to sleep—free from all worldly cares. Exactly where the heart is, will generally be a house. And I felt, I was property, at final.

I would say that I’ve crossed continents in pursuit of my passion for travel and also the excitement that lies beyond the boundaries of my planet. I have chased lots of sunsets, conquered the seasons and captured all these memories in my writing and in pictures. But no greater joy there’s than discovering adore that bridges two worlds that may seem to be separated by distance, but will not be seriously extremely far apart.