Costa Rica – Natural Attractions

Costa Rica - Natural Attractions

Costa Rica is a resort country using a total of 74 resorts located on its territory. Lush greenery, mountains, and ocean – that is what you must come here for. The country’s main attractions are national resorts, mountains, and underwater caves, waterfalls, picturesque valleys, and volcanoes. More than 25% of the country’s territory is occupied by government-protected organic parks.

The first attraction is Arenal Volcano – by far the most popular active young volcano in Costa Rica. All in all, you will discover about 120 volcanoes located on the country’s territory, with 70 active ones. Arenal is often a high cone-shaped mountain, which is illuminated in the evening. Indians believed the volcano was a sacred animal. It was incredibly active before the XVI century. Then in 1968, soon after around 400 years of dormancy, the volcano erupted once again. Presently vacationers from around the globe come to La Fortuna de San Carlos, an Indian settlement situated by the foot of the volcano. Having said that, often the mountain is all covered with clouds and is difficult to see. there are also a lot of swimming pools, ponds, and waterfalls identified by the Arenal. Tourists will also like a local mini-zoo with tropical butterflies, snakes, and other animals.

Poas Volcano is among the country’s most visited volcanoes. Its crater is 1,5 km big and is amongst the largest craters in the world. The entrance to the national park is closed through the volcano eruption. It is best to observe a wonderful Botos lagoon positioned in among the list of nearby craters. There is certainly also a Sarchí town not far from Poas. This can be the center for Costa Rica wood handicrafts, where you could obtain fantastic hand-made factors.

Irazú Volcano is situated 31 km north-west of Cartago. This is the highest on the active Costa Rica volcanoes. There is also a national park surrounding it. The top of your volcano is typically compared with the moon surface and its crater includes a mineral lake, which modifications its color from red to green.

Costa Rica can also be popular for its parks. Nearby nature is pretty much precisely the same as it was a million years ago. Two of the most renowned parks in Costa Rica are Tortuguero National Park and Manuel Antonio national park, framed by superb beaches with clean white sand. Manuel Antonio park is ideal for bathing, fishing, and wildlife exploration: you will discover iguanas, red crabs, and lizards living right here.

550 km from Costa Rica coast there is certainly an uninhabited Cocos Island, 24 sq. km significant. Jacques-Yves Cousteau called it the most stunning island in the world. This can be a wild forest-covered location, untouched by civilization. The island can also be the center for diving and a large number of persons from all around the globe come right here every year to dip into crystal-clear waters. Amongst the other islands to stop by in Costa Rica are Negritos and Los Pájaros.

You can find about 10 forms of rainforests situated on the country’s tiny territory. Monteverde is a cloud forest located on the best of a mountain. The amount of humidity is genuinely higher, and there are about 120 Amphibia and reptile species living right here in addition to 100 mammal species and 400 bird species (including the popular quetzal – a lot of men and women come to Costa Rica just to see this bird). Order a sky trek “fly” to have a appear at the rain forest from the higher trees.

These are just a handful of Costa Rica’s natural attractions – but the variety of them is genuinely higher since the country’s economy depends on the travel industry. Having said that, for some explanation, the travel business is primarily oriented on beach vacations and not eco-tourism. But the variety of eco-tourists is having larger and larger each year.